Plastics Fabrication & Polishing

At Traco Mfg. we offer the design and engineering capabilities to produce your products from prototypes to high volume production with value added screen printing or assembly packed and drop shipped to as many locations as required. 

e manufacture products in all types of thermoplastic as well as thermoset materials.  If your needs require sheet or extruded products, Traco has the experience to help you develop your products from drawing to shipping. Some of the in house plastic fabrication services we provide include:



-    Edge finishing

-    Flame polishing

-    Diamond polishing

-    Solvent bonding

-    Adhesive bonding

-    Plastic welding

-    Strip bending

-    Threaded inserts  

Our staff has provided high volume acrylic store fixtures since 1997.  You likely have seen our products in stores owned by Sears, JC Penney’s, Federated, Target and FYE music stores.

At Traco Mfg. our products and services sell themselves by having a history of high quality, dependable delivery at competitive prices.  Contact us and let us be the solution to all your acrylic and retail store fixture needs.

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