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Traco Mfg. specializes in taking your design and engineering ideas and quickly developing them into high quality plastic prototypes and products.  We can cost-effectively produce any short-run plastic part, from large equipment covers to small business machine components.  In addition to providing exacting prototypes, many of our customers use our capabilities to produce specialized acrylic fabrications, intricate product holding trays for a variety of industrial uses, and machine appearance components that must be extremely precise, durable and attractive.


Whether you need acrylic fabrications, CNC machined plastic components, short-run injection molded parts or vacuum formed plastic items, Traco can meet your needs.  Not only will we provide you with an excellent prototype or product, but we will give you insights on the best ways your product can be manufactured using the most efficient process and expertise.  You may contact us by phoning 585-343-2434, faxing 585-343-2881, or emailing us at .   

The spectrum of parts we manufacture includes:  medical, retail store fixtures, business machine parts, automotive and agricultural equipment.  Quantity of runs depends on your needs.  We will run 1 piece to short run quantities and turn our programs over to your injection molders or production specialist, or we will run whatever production quantity you need to fill your requirements.

High quality plastic manufacturing with fast lead times has made Traco Manufacturing
your most dependable supplier since March of 1997.


4300 Commerce Drive | Batavia, New York 14020
Phone: 585-343-2434 | Fax: 585-343-2881