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Manufacturing a wide range of products means we offer many services that are value-add or secondary processes. If you don’t see what you need here please Contact Us.

Custom Packaging Components

  • Traco MFG CNC router shop supplies products to many customers in the custom packaging component industry

  • Wood Components for crates and skids

  • CNC router cut packaging inserts for nesting purposes

  • Mounting or transport replaceable plastic components in metal racking in high volume

Surface Polishing

When manufacturing any acrylic parts or fabrications, typically, all edges are polished. We use two methods for polishing – flame polish using oxygen and nitrogen, or diamond polishing using high-end diamond polishing equipment.

  • Diamond polisher – capable of polishing up to 4” thick by 72” long – used in screen print product because edge bleed screen printing is required

    • Edge bleed printing is accomplished without the use of heat – allowing for no edge crazing
  • Flame polishing – typically used in retail products due to softer edges on the product from the flame

Project Management

Traco MFG has the capability to produce your project for specific requirements.

Meeting Your Whole Project Needs

In addition, we can receive multiple repeat orders, verified revision levels, supplying certification of compliance wherever needed, blanket orders, packaging per pack multiple based on requirements, inspection reports per requirements, drop shipping to multiple distribution locations, packaging assemblies with hardware and subcomponents.

Let Our Decades of Experience Work for You

Many years of experience allows Traco to maximize part quality through the use of proper spindle speed, feed speed and tool path development along with extremely specific tooling for material species allows for maximum efficiency and superior quality.

  • Traco excels at cutting parts with features on both sides

  • Traco excels at supplying products with all secondary features completed directly by machine.

Plastic materials we specialize in:

  • Thin gage PETG and polycarbonate up through ½” thickness

  • Acrylics from thin gauge up to and including 2” in thickness

  • HDPE and polypropylene from thin gauge up to 3” thickness

  • UHMW materials as follows: Natural, reprocessed, oil impregnated, dry slide, virgin material from thin gauge to 3” thickness.

  • Expanded PVC up to 3” thickness

Wood materials we specialize in:

  • Plywood

  • MDF

  • MDO

  • Masonite

Value added Services we are linked to:

  • Screen Printing

  • Die Cutting

  • Cold Forming

  • Vacuum Forming

  • Short-Run Injection Molding

  • Packaging

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Contact Us


Traco manufactures a wide range of products and offers many services that are value-add services or secondary processes. We can handle the entire scope of your project or our development team can work in conjunction with your high-volume manufacturers to properly develop your end-user products.

CNC Routing

We’re highly regarded nationally in our ability to cost-effectively and efficiently produce high volumes of parts is second to none.


Product Prototyping

From idea or existing single product to your finished large or small quantity order – Traco can bring your prototype to life and get your product to market.


Retail Store Fixturing

High volume retail store fixturing using state of the art equipment for cutting, routing, dividing, and edge finished plastic, wood, and diamond polish acrylic parts.



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