Acetal is a material that Traco uses for manufacturing parts used in the industrial, automotive, and electronics industries. Products like wear pads, food processing, valve parts, and manifolds use this material because of its low friction and high rigidity. Traco can help you find the perfect type of acetal material for your next manufacturing job.

Acetal plastic part made by Traco Manufacturing.
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Acetal Facts, Specifications, Grades, and More

Acetal, otherwise known as polyoxymethylene, is a common type of engineering plastic. With 100% recyclability, acetal is semi-crystalline and characterized by high rigidity and low friction/current level.

Dimensionally acetal is very stable. Additionally, It is very heat resistant. It can be heated up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit before it deforms. However, it is important to note that at temperatures over 300 degrees, it begins to break down and release a gas most commonly known as tear gas.

More engineered types of acetal can be cut, routed, milled, or injection molded. It cannot be extrusions formed or vacuum formed because it is a more crystalline material than a thermoplastic.

Acetal comes in sheets, rods, and tubes. It can come in a variety of colors as well as many different grades of materials. For example, Delrin AF is acetal that has been impregnated with Teflon.

Acetal is very chemical resistant to both fuels and solvents. Continual exposure to chemicals will not affect components made of acetal. Acetal doesn’t degrade over time due to exposure to chemicals.

How strong is Acetal?

Acetal has high rigidity as well as a very high tensile strength making it perfect for high-impact parts.

How is Acetal recycled?

Acetal is 100% recyclable. See our blog on recycling engineered plastic waste for more information on the process. Here at TRACO, we take pride in our green initiatives and have multiple practices to reduce waste and to recycle the waste that we do accumulate, ultimately, saving our customers money and helping our planet. See our article on nesting your components for more information on this.

Is Acetal FDA compliant?

Acetal copolymers do come in FDA/USDA compliance form for use in the food production and foodservice industries.

Is Acetal UV resistant?

Yes. Hindered-amine light stabilizers or UV absorbers can be added to acetal during the manufacturing process to produce UV-resistant acetal.

Is Acetal an antimicrobial plastic? 

There is no coating or additive to make this plastic antimicrobial. However, it is possible to purchase acetal that is approved for use in the food industry.

Does Acetal do well in the elements outdoors?

No, there are plastic materials that are better equipped to deal with the wear and tear of the elements.

What are the colors available in Acetal sheets?

Delrin is a brand that provides acetal sheets in 8 colors: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, purple, fluorescent green, and fluorescent pink.

What are the most common brands of Acetal?

DELRIN, SUSTARIN, and TECAFORM are the three most common brands of acetal.

What is the difference between Acetal and plastic?

Acetal is a type of engineered plastic. Characterized by a semi-crystalline state. This makes it a very dimensionally stable form of plastic.

How to clean Acetal?

Acetal can be exposed to boiling water, high-pressure water and is very chemical resistant.

Is Acetal stronger than plastic?

Acetal is a type of engineered plastic. It has high tensile strength.

Will Acetal plastic deteriorate in sunlight?

Acetal will not deteriorate until temperatures reach over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is typically not found in parts that would be directly exposed to the outdoor elements.

Is Acetal food safe?

There are certain types of acetal copolymers that are both FDA/USDA approved. Examples of acetal in food service are found in both food preparation products and serving pieces. Because of its ability to withstand high temperatures and water submersion, it is a good option for products in the food industry.

What type of products are made with Acetal?

Acetal is used a lot in high-impact parts. Often it’s found in the industrial, automotive, and electronics industries. With its low friction and high rigidity, this plastic is found in products like wear pads, food processing, valve parts, and manifolds.

Think, for example, of a mechanism in an arcade game, where you’d find a motor-driven surface. In this game, a rod has to move up and down over space and time. The component would have to pass through a very rigid piece of plastic that will not bind or wear and has no moisture absorption. This rigid piece of plastic could be made of Acetal.

Plastics machining taking place on a CNC router at Traco Manufacturing.

Specs and Data

Attribute Value
Friction Rating
Impact Rating
Machining Speed
Difficulty to Machine

Strengths and Benefits

  • Great for parts manufacturing, especially parts that move as it is low friction.

  • High rigidity, as a result of being a type of engineered plastic

  • Dimensionally stable and very heat resistant


  • Does not have antimicrobial properties (although can be purchased in a variety that is approved for use in the food industry)

  • Not well suited for outdoor environments


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