Kydex is a higher-end colored thermoplastic sheet stock. This material has a very good flame rating and a high chemical resistance level. The substrate chemicals for Kydex are acrylic and PVC. Acrylic provides a harder surface and PVC gives Kydex its high resistance to chemicals. Typically you’ll always find Kydex with a textured finish on it. There are a wide variety of finishes available.

Acetal plastic part made by Traco Manufacturing.
Fast Facts
Made from PVC and Acrylic
High chemical resistance
Wide variety of textured finishes

Kydex Facts, Specifications, Grades, and More

What surface textures are available for Kydex?

  • Smooth nap
  • Cashmere
  • Level Haircell
  • Velour Matte
  • Suede
  • Haircell
  • Smooth
  • Seville

How strong is Kydex?

Kydex is scratch resistant, durable, and impact resistant

How is Kydex recycled?

Kydex is easily recycled. Given its thermoplastic characteristics, Kydex waste is heated and reformed into sheets all while retaining its properties well. Learn more about our sustainability programs at Traco here.

Is Kydex FDA compliant?

Kydex is not FDA compliant. Therefore, this material is not certified to come into contact with any food.

Is Kydex UV resistant?

Kydex T and Kydex 100 are UV resistant.

Is Kydex an antimicrobial plastic?

For high touch surfaces, there is a grade of Kydex sheet material that is

Does Kydex do well in the elements outdoors?

Kydex is used predominately for indoor products.

What are the colors available in Kydex sheets?

Kydex comes in a variety of colors including black/pavement, cadet blue, Calcutta black/black watch, pewter, gray/bayou, dark gray/iron safe, polar white/goal post, beige/blotter, pinstripe/veranda, snowflake/cumulus, Monterey, flesh, green, white, etc. This material also comes in many wood-grained looks.

It’s worth noting here that Kydex material is colored solidly throughout the sheet. So, when a sheet is cut, there is not an uncolored center.

We can also order Kydex in a custom color to fit your next Kydex project.

Can Kydex be injection molded?

No. Due to the vinyl content of Kydex, it cannot be injection molded.

What type of products are made with Kydex?

You’ll see Kydex being used on the interior of airplane cabins in both vacuum-formed panels and seat tray tables and in other modes of mass transportation. This material can also be found in medical workstations, subassembly workstations for an assembly line. A side panel that would fit into a metal frame for a cubicle in an office setting or parts of a kiosk might be made of Kydex. Finally, you can purchase gun holsters made of Kydex.

The benefits of using Kydex for the products listed above are that they are easily sanitized, have an aesthetically pleasing look and feel to them, and they are long-lasting.

Plastics machining taking place on a CNC router at Traco Manufacturing.

Specs and Data

Attribute Value
Friction Rating
Impact Rating
Machining Speed
Difficulty to Machine

Strengths and Benefits

  • Scratch resistant and durable

  • Can be easily recycled

  • Vast array of colors and finish textures available


  • Not FDA compliant or suitable for use in the food industry


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