UMHW is autoclavable, extremely strong, low friction, easy to work with and machine to fabricate it. UHMW resists water absorption even at a high temperature. It can withstand repeated sterilization cycles. This material is very abrasive and wear resistant . It can be vacuum formed even at a very high temperature.

Fast Facts
Very high impact resistance
Low friction and very suitable for wear pads

UHMW Facts, Specifications, Grades, and More

What does UHMW stand for?

UHMW stands for “Ultra High Molecular Weight” Polyethylene.

How strong is UHMW?

This material is an extremely strong form of industrialized plastic.

Can UHMW be recycled?

Yes, this material is recyclable and there is a grade of UHMW that is reprocessed. See our blog on plastic recycling here.

Is UHMW FDA compliant?

There are types of UMHW that are FDA complaint.

Is UHMW UV resistant?

There are forms of UHMW that come with an additive which make it able to better withstand direct sunlight exposure.

Is black UHMW naturally UV resistant?

Not necessarily. But there are black sheets of UHMW with the additive that does help increase the UV resistance of UHMW.

Is UHMW an antimicrobial plastic? (or can it have some type of antimicrobial coating?)

There is a form of UHMW with a silver component added. These sheets are antimicrobial to a wide range of bacteria, mildew, fungus, mold, and algae.

Does UHMW do well in the elements outdoors?

UHMW can do well in outdoor components. Also, as mentioned above, UHMW can come with a UV resistance additive.

What are the colors available in UHMW sheets?

Sheets come in a few colors: White (natural), Black, Green, Lime Green, Grey, Blue, and Dark Blue.

Rods come in White or Black

Where can I find colored UHMW sheets?

Contact Traco for you UHMW project today!

What are the most common brands of UHMW?

Polystone M

Are the most common brands of this material.

What is UHMW tape?

UHMW tape is used to create a low friction surface.

Does epoxy paint bond to UHMW?

Yes, however, there is a chemical etching process that must occur first before the paint will adhere.

Is UHMW a polymer?

Yes, this material is a polymer.

How to glue UHMW to UHMW?

No. There is no successful way that we have found to glue UHMW to UHMW.

Will UHMW slide on wood?

Yes, this material is low friction and slides well against many different types of surfaces including wood.

What is UHMW-PE?

UHMW-PE is the same thing as UHMW, the “PE” stands for polyethylene, as this is a type of polyethylene plastic with certain chemical properties that define it specifically as UHMW or “Ultra High Molecular Weight” Polyethylene.

Is UHMW food safe?

This material comes in food-safe varieties, therefore it can be FDA complaint for use in the food processing industry.

What type of products are made with UHMW?

You’ll find many industrial use parts made of UHMW. These can include wear pads, packaging machinery parts and food processing parts. Parts made out of UHMW have high impact resistance, durability and low friction. These parts are easily sterilized and chemical resistant.

A high speed packaging line can also benefit from the use of the low friction characteristics combined with a static-free UHMW component.

Plastics machining taking place on a CNC router at Traco Manufacturing.

Specs and Data

Attribute Value
Friction Rating
Impact Rating
Machining Speed
Difficulty to Machine

Strengths and Benefits

  • Low friction means that UHMW is perfect for use in bumpers and other applications were moving components must slide against surfaces.

  • UHMW has a high impact resistance.

  • Different varieties of chemical properties are available giving this material the potential for UV resistance and food-grade applications.


  • Painting UHMW requires and additional step of etching before paint will adhere to it.

  • It’s not possible to glue UHMW components to other UHMW components.


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